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X-Bows Version 3 (2021) QMK Software

You can follow the instructions laid out in this blog post to get started with QMK.

QMK Tool box download link

QMK configurators:
X-Bows Nature
X-Bows Knight
X-Bows Knight Plus
X-Bows Knight Numpad

(Note: When you update the Knight Plus numpad firmware, your USB should be plugged into the numpad and the corresponding numpad firmware should be used.)

X-Bows Version 3 uses web-based QMK software. The instructions below are for X-Bows version 1 and 2 (pre-2021). 

X-Bows' driver software allows you to customize every aspect of the keyboard to improve efficiency and productivity. Settings can be saved directly onto the keyboard's onboard memory.  Now you can stay productive anywhere you go!

X-Bows Driver Manual

Features include:

  • Remap specific keys or the entire layout on 4 different layers
  • Create shortcut keys and hotkeys
  • Programmable macro functions
  • Control media playback
  • Replace mouse clicks
  • Customization of RGB lighting

Only Windows and Mac are supported in the current version of the driver.  Support for Linux will be developed soon.


Windows Driver ( Download (minor bug fixes)

Download Link (Mirror 1)

Download Link (Mirror 2)


Windows Driver ( Download (Includes support for UK/ German/ Nordic/ Mac key layouts)

Download Link (Mirror 1)

Download Link (Mirror 2)


Windows Driver ( for LED, LED with Numpad and Non-LED Download 

Download Link (Mirror 1)

Download Link (Mirror 2)


Driver Tutorials 

Tutorial Video 1

Tutorial Video 2

Shortcuts Video Tutorial

Driver Manual