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X-Bows' driver software allows you to customize every aspect of the keyboard to improve efficiency and productivity. Settings can be saved directly onto the keyboard's onboard memory.  Now you can stay productive anywhere you go!

X-Bows Driver Manual

Features include:

  • Remap specific keys or the entire layout on 4 different layers
  • Create shortcut keys and hotkeys
  • Programmable macro functions
  • Control media playback
  • Replace mouse clicks
  • Customization of RGB lighting

Only Windows is supported in the current version of the driver.  Support for Mac and Linux will be developed soon.

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Windows Driver ( Download

Download Link (Mirror 1)

Download Link (Mirror 2)


Driver Tutorials 

Tutorial Video 1

Tutorial Video 2

Shortcuts Video Tutorial

Driver Manual


Windows Firmware Update (1.24) Download

Download Link (Mirror 1)

Download Link (Mirror 2)

***Please make sure to close your driver completely before attempting firmware upgrade.  This includes the hidden red icon hidden in the bottom right near the date, or use task manager to close CMS.exe in the Processes tab.


German Firmware (1.24) Download [Not Needed Coming out of Factory] 

Nordic Firmware (1.24) Download [Not Needed Coming out of Factory] 

Apple Firmware (1.24) Download [Not Needed Coming out of Factory] 

UK Firmware (1.24) Download [Not Needed Coming out of Factory] 

***Please switch to one of the Onboard Setting layers (Fn+F10/F11/F12) if you are having issues with some layout keys***


Firmware Changelog


  1. Repaired Fn+← lighting effect speed adjustment. When the speed is the slowest the lights will appear in the wrong position.


  1. Fn+ESC+Q will only clear key map settings and not lighting effects.
  2. Fn+ Right Ctrl toggle logo light independently.
  3. Logo light to respond according to lighting effects and have adjustable brightness.


  1. Fixed the bug that prevents key from walking up after computer enters sleep mode.
  2. Fixed the issue of keyboard lights not powering down when computer enters sleep mode.


Driver Changelog

X-BOWS Driver

  1. Newly added model XK-86 RGB mechanical keyboard support.

X-BOWS Driver

  1. Added XK-22 RGB mechanical keyboard support.
  2. Added and optimized lighting effects.
  3. Optimized source code.

X-BOWS Driver

  1. Added drop down box to allow for mapping of keys not found on the keyboard.
  2. Optimized UI and source code.

X-BOWS Driver

  1. Changed menu naming(Online Mode->Driver Mode;Offline Mode->Onboard Settings).
  2. By default, retain only one layer in Driver Mode.
  3. Fixed bug where driver cannot open in setups with multiple monitors.

X-BOWS Driver

  1. Added the European character <> into the list of selectable key remap options.
  2. Optimized functional settings and driver version after update.
  3. Added XK-86 RGB keyboard support.
  4. Optimized lighting effects.

X-BOWS Driver (In Progress)

  1. Changed layout.
  2. Compatibility with regional layouts.
  3. More changes coming soon!