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X-Bows Wrist Rest
X-Bows Wrist Rest

X-Bows Wrist Rest

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Best wrist rest in the market!

"This product is great. Rubber material, so your wrist will be comfortable. Smells nice, fits perfectly on a 10 key-less keyboard but you can also use it on a full size keyboard, it's that big. I use it with my K70 full size keyboard. It is heavy so it won't easily slide on your table." - Sibusiso, X-Bows user



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Our premium silicone wrist rest is a great addition to improve your typing position.  A wrist rest is an important part of the full ergonomic experience.

Our X-Bows wrist rest was designed to elevate your palms off the desktop for increased comfort and improved typing efficiency.  This further reduces the bending of the wrist (extension) and relieves pressure on tendons.

Made from soft, durable silicone, our wrist rest has possibly the longest working life you could find.

Customer Reviews

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michael wilson

X-Bows Wrist Rest


X-Bows Wrist Rest

Jeff L
Wrist rest

Very comfortable, high traction, doesn't squirt around on the desk. It DID eat all the local cat hair in the area so keeping it clean will probably be tough, but having a Cat means not being allowed to have nice things. Instantly made my Keyboard significantly more comfortable. Also took a lil over a month to arrive to Canada. Only just got it but overall first impressions are great

Patrick Wulfe
Very nice

Made of a very nice rubber that's easy to keep clean. Would definitely recommend

Ben Goodman

X-Bows Wrist Rest