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A Design Based On Your Fingers

A layout created to hold your joints in more natural angles and relieve typing tension. 

Standard keyboards require you to bend your wrists
X-Bows keeps wrists aligned

Relative Finger Strength

We have moved some of the most commonly-used function keys to the middle of the keyboard to be pressed by the thumb or index finger

Natural Wrist Alignment

The first benefit you’ll notice when you begin typing on X-Bows is that your arms and wrists sit at a more natural position. The angled key layout promotes a more comfortable straight wrist angle. 

Ortholinear Key Layout

When you extend your finger, it doesn’t curve the way that a standard keyboard’s layout does. The staggered design is over 100 years old and was never intended for comfort. Our ortholinear design reduces finger travel and fatigue.

Reduced Wrist Movements

On a standard keyboard, you are forced to slightly bend your wrists to reach certain keys. These micro movements add up and can cause injury. X-Bows is aligned to the natural movement plane of your fingers and greatly reduces the need for wrist movement.

All of these improvements add up to much more healthy, comfortable typing that allows you to get more done at work. You’ll immediately notice that the quality of your work improves when you aren’t getting fatigued or distracted by sore hands and wrists.

Customer reviews

I've been searching for a mechanical keyboard with an ergonomic design; this fits my needs perfectly. There was a bit of a learning curve with the different key placements, but after about a couple days of using it, I feel a lot more comfortable typing on the keyboard.


I received my X-bows keyboard earlier this week and have been very satisfied with the product. I’m absolutely in love with the switches and beautiful design.


I highly recommend this if you've had to deal with a broken hand and don't want to give up your heavy diet of editing and gaming.


I've had my keyboard for a couple of weeks and it's one of -- if not "the" -- best keyboards out there.


The build quality is great and switches feel great. It'll definitely take some work to adjust to it, but after spending an hour on it, I can already tell a difference.



Of every ergonomic mechanical keyboard I found this was the closest to my ideal keyboard.

C. Levijoki

I received a unit a while back, and am still using it today - to type this in fact - It is by far the best keyboard I have used.


I had really bad typing habits before and this keyboard is now sort of forcing me to type properly, which is really nice.


I find the X-Bows is forcing me to correct my [typing] technique.  When proper touch typing is used (which I never learned till now), it's very enjoyable to use.

Chris W.

Satisfying Keystrokes

Mechanical keys for just the right typing feel

Gateron Switches

Increase your WPM

Mechanical keys record each button press more quickly than standard membrane keyboards. No need to “bottom out” each keystroke means faster typing.

Tactile feedback for more accurate typing

With mechanical switches, you really feel that you’ve pressed a key. This feedback allows you to reduce typing mistakes.

Satisfying every time you press a key

Every key you press feels solid and alive. You can feel the spring compressing and it makes typing much more enjoyable.

Longer Lifespan

Membrane keyboards will typically last for 10 million key presses. The Gateron switches on X-Bows last 50 million strokes- that's a lot of typing.

Our Keyswitches

Gateron brown switches

Replaceable and Swappable Switches

We use modular, plate-mounted switches. You can swap them with another set of switches to get a different typing feel. While it is unlikely that they will have any failures, being able to replace a single switch instead of the whole keyboard is much cheaper and easier. 

Double-shot keycaps

Double-Shot Transparent Label Keycaps

Let the light shine through! Our transparent label keycaps make it easy to work in the dark or to put on an RGB light show. Our double-shot keycaps are highly durable and the labels won't fade from use.

The Learning Curve

X-Bows is not the first ergonomic keyboard ever created. Plenty of people have identified that the keyboard layout that we use could be dramatically improved. The biggest impediment to these keyboards gaining broader acceptance is that they require users to learn a whole new layout. Busy people inevitably get frustrated and revert back to their old keyboard when they need to work faster. Despite best intentions, a lot of ergonomic keyboards end up in a drawer never to be used again.

With X-Bows, we were dedicated to making that learning curve as manageable as possible. The letter keys have not moved from their QWERTY layout. Your right index finger is still hitting “J” and your left ring finger is still responsible for typing “W”. You don’t need to memorize a new key layout, your hands already know where all of the letters are on X-Bows.

The keys that we did move- ENTER, Backspace, ALT and Control- can also be found on the right side of the keyboard. We call these our “training wheel keys”. While we think that the keys in the middle are more convenient, as you’re beginning to type on X-Bows, it is no problem if you find yourself reaching for the backspace in the top-right. They are there while you adjust. Since X-Bows' keys are fully remappable, once you find yourself no longer needing these training wheel keys, you can program them to become shortcuts or macros; increasing your productivity even further!

While you won’t be able to take X-Bows out of the box and feel 100% comfortable typing on it immediately. Our testers have all reported adjusting to the new layout in under a week, some in as little as a few hours. Compared to other ergonomic boards that can take a month or more to adjust to, X-Bows makes ergonomic typing more accessible than ever before.

X-Bows Reviews

What the Experts Are Saying

Powerful Customization

From the switches to the custom settings, you can make X-Bows perfect for the task at hand

With the intuitive X-Bows software, you can:

  • Set custom macros and functions

  • Set custom keyboard layers

  • Remap keys

  • Create custom backlight settings
  • On-Board Memory

    Saves preferences and customizations onto the keyboard’s memory. The settings can be used across devices and across sessions.

    Programmable LEDs

    Each key has an individually programmable LED. Out of the box, there are 16 lighting presets. With our software, there are more than 16 million customization possibilities.

    X-Bows magnetic numpad

    Knight Plus magnetic connection

    We built the numpad on Knight Plus to function on either the left or right side of the keyboard. The magnetic connection is strong enough to never accidentally come disconnected from the keyboard.

    Built to Last

    The Highest Build Quality In the Industry

    X-Bows Knight Plus

    Made of Tough Aluminum

    X-Bows users are always blown away by our build quality. X-Bows Knight and Knight Plus are built using an incredibly sturdy one-piece aluminum body. X-Bows Nature is made from ABS plastic, with a solid aluminum top plate to prevent any body flex. When you’re typing, X-Bows is never going to move around on your desk. 

    X-Bows Knight Layout

    Spill and Dust Proof

    While we wouldn’t advise you to submerge your keyboard in water, X-Bows is rated to be spill, dust, and snack-proof. It will survive any lunchtime accidents. X-Bows has no crevices that will collect crumbs, you can easily remove the keycaps and give it a complete wipedown.

    X-Bows USB-C

    Detachable cable, Replaceable Switches and Keycaps

    Our keyboards are built to last. All of our parts are extremely durable but we’ve still made X-Bows to be as modular as possible.. We use replaceable keyswitches, keycaps, and USB-C cables. You’ll never again need to replace your whole keyboard due to one faulty switch or a cat-chewed cord.

    Used by more than 5000, including professionals at:

    • Google
    • Unity
    • Sutter Health
    • Facebook
    • Amazon
    • Redhat

    Is Your Keyboard Killing Your Career?

    Have you ever encountered someone who just seems to get an impossible amount of work done in a day? Someone who can enter into their flow state right away when they sit down? Having an uncomfortable desk setup is a surefire way to ensure that you are NOT one of those people. When you work uncomfortably, you’re proven to be less efficient and less creative. 

    The biggest benefit of X-Bows is in how much better you’ll feel while you’re typing. Your whole body will feel more comfortable and you’ll find yourself enjoying your work more. Reduced strain on your joints will cause you to feel noticeably less tired at the end of the day. You’ll be able to enjoy your time outside of work even more too!

    When you customize your X-Bows to use macros and shortcuts, you’ll find that your work gets done even faster. You won’t believe how many simple, repetitive tasks can be automated using our intuitive driver software. 

    We can’t guarantee that using X-Bows will immediately get you a raise or spark an idea for the next billion dollar start-up, but it will ensure that your mind can focus on work, and not be distracted by typing discomfort.

    Invest in yourself and invest in better typing. 


    Works With Windows, Mac, and Linux

    X-Bow works seamlessly with any operating system- just plug in and begin typing. Our customization firmware is web-based and works with any operating system.

    N-Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting

    Most keyboards only allow you to press 2 keys at once. This lowers your typing speed and can lead to a lot of errors. X-Bows will register all of your key strokes, allowing you to enter more complicated macros and type as quickly as possible.

    One Year Comprehensive Warrantee

    X-Bows represents an investment in your health and productivity. We offer a hassle-free, no strings attached warrantee on our products. 

    What's In the Box?

    What's in the X-Bows box?

    X-Bows comes with:

    • Keycap and key switch puller

    • USB-A to USB-C cord (2 for Knight Plus)

    • 2 rubber feet (4 for Knight Plus)

    • 4 extra Gateron switches

    • Instruction booklet