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real REVIEWS from x-bows users

I've been searching for a mechanical keyboard with an ergonomic design; this fits my needs perfectly. There was a bit of a learning curve with the different key placements, but after about a couple days of using it, I feel a lot more comfortable typing on the keyboard.


I received my X-bows keyboard earlier this week and have been very satisfied with the product. I’m absolutely in love with the switches and beautiful design.


I highly recommend this if you've had to deal with a broken hand and don't want to give up your heavy diet of editing and gaming.


I've had my keyboard for a couple of weeks and it's one of -- if not "the" -- best keyboards out there.


The build quality is great and switches feel great. It'll definitely take some work to adjust to it, but after spending an hour on it, I can already tell a difference.



Of every ergonomic mechanical keyboard I found this was the closest to my ideal keyboard.

C. Levijoki

I received a unit a while back, and am still using it today - to type this in fact - It is by far the best keyboard I have used.


I find the X-Bows is forcing me to correct my [typing] technique.  When proper touch typing is used (which I never learned till now), it's very enjoyable to use.

Chris W.

I had really bad typing habits before and this keyboard is now sort of forcing me to type properly, which is really nice.


Designed to reduce pain and make typing more comfortable

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Retraining your muscle memory for a new keyboard layout can be daunting but X-Bows makes it easy.

Nearly all of our users report feeling completely comfortable with the X-Bows layout within 1 week. Many report that they can type significantly faster with X-Bows!

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