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At the heart of X-Bows lies our unyielding passion for revolutionizing keyboard design, all with the aim of elevating your typing experience to new heights. Despite our best intentions, we've encountered hurdles along the way that have, regrettably, affected our promise to you. For this, we are deeply sorry.



Embracing Our Challenges:

In our journey, we've faced trials that have tested our dedication and values:

- Our trust was breached when Tony, the proprietor of X-Plus and a collaborator we once welcomed into our Shopify sphere, inappropriately used our valued email list to promote his products without consent.

- Our aspirations for timely delivery were hindered by supply chain setbacks, delaying our promises to you.

- We fell short in providing the swift and caring customer service you deserve, leaving some of you feeling unheard.


Our Journey Forward:

In light of these challenges, we are taking heartfelt steps to ensure these missteps are never repeated:

- Reinforced Trust Measures: Implementing robust security enhancements to safeguard our digital space and, most importantly, your personal data.

- Revitalized Supply and Delivery: We've reimagined our supply chain logistics to guarantee that your X-Bows arrives within 1-2 weeks, making right on our delivery promises.

- Renewed Customer Care: We are expanding and deeply training our customer service team to offer you the swift, empathetic responses you should expect from us.


Looking to the Horizon:

Guided by an experienced e-commerce team, our focus sharpens on delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction and operational excellence. Our pledge to you is renewed with vigor, embodied by concrete actions to enrich your X-Bows experience.

We are immensely grateful for your patience and understanding as we step into this promising new chapter. Your faith in us is a precious gift, and we are committed to nurturing and preserving it with every action we take.


Thank you for standing with us. Together, we march towards a future brimming with innovation, reliability, and, above all, a shared trust.


With warmest regards and a humble heart,

The X-Bows Team

Dr. Wang, Steve, Jason, Cheryl, Jessica and Jude



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