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Knight Plus Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

Knight Plus Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

Pre sale until 2023-01-31

Estimated delivery time: 2023-04

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On pre-sale now! It is expected to ship in April.

  • X-Bows ergonomic layout
  • Split numpad
  • RGB backlit
  • QMK support
  • Windows/Linuc/Mac compatible
  • Hot-swappable keyswitches


- 86+22 Key Ergonomic Layout

- Hot-swappble Switch


- N-Key Rollover

- One-piece aluminum frame

- 446 x 146 x 42 mm

- keyboard 960g + numpad 280g

Customization Software

Powered by the open source QMK keyboard firmware, we can remap keys with QMK official web configurator, VIA and Vial GUI software on Windows / macOS / Linux. Learn more.


Free international shipping. Shipping takes 10 to 20 days.

Return policy

100-Day satisfaction guarantee. $25 restocking fee. See detail.

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What People Think of Knight Plus?

Numpad or Not-pad?

Knight Plus keyboard offers a separate number pad. If your daily routines include punching in numbers every so often, or you have an elaborate script and hotkey setup, this is for you. It was designed to fit securely to Knight keyboard via magnectic connectors, either on the right or the left side of your keyboard.

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Type Healthier, Work Better

X-Bows ergonomic layout mirrors the natural motion of your fingers, keeping your hands and wrists in a neutral and comfortable position. Say goodbye to the strain during work.

Program Knight Plus with Vial, VIA or QMK

With the support of Vial, VIA and QMK firmware, you can make the most of your custom key layout, easily program and remap each key to match your preferred typing environment. Vial is recommended more if you don't know which configurator to use.


Vial is an open-source cross-platform (Windows, Linux,  Mac and Web) GUI and a QMK fork for configuring QMK keyboard in real time.

Firmware flashing is not required every time you change the keymap.

Learn More


VIA is a closed-source program that allows you to configure your keyboard. It works with QMK, the firmware that powers custom keyboards.

Firmware flashing is not required every time you change the keymap.

Learn More

QMK Web Configurator

QMK Configurator is the QMK official online tool used for remapping keys and creating firmware file for QMK keyboards.

Less convenient than VIA and Vial. You need to flash the firmware every time you change the keymap.

Learn More

Hot-swappable Keyswitches

Take your keyboard customization to the next level with hot-swappable keyswitches. Simply pop off the keycap and replace it with another one of your choice.

Choose Your Switch

Stylish RGB Backlit

Our Knight Plus keyboard comes with powerful RGB backlight to create the perfect ambience for you. With the shortcut key of Fn, you can quickly adjust different lighting effects to fit your mood.

Works with Windows, Mac & Linux

The Knight Plus keyboard is 100% compatible with multiple operating systems. No need for special software or customs drivers — just connect it and go!