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X-Bows Knight Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard
X-Bows Knight Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard
X-Bows Knight Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard - X-Bows Store

X-Bows Knight Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

The X-Bows ergonomic layout is designed to make typing more comfortable. It naturally improves typing posture by aligning your joints and reducing finger travel. These improvements allow you to get more done and feel less discomfort throughout your work day.

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Real Reviews of X-bows keyboards


The X-bow keyboard, due to its ergonomic design, allows me to type without pain. I can go for hours.

John R., X-Bows User


I am typing faster and more comfortably than ever!

L. H., X-Bows User


The layout is well-thought out, and it didn't take long to get used to typing on this keyboard.

Tyler S., X-Bows User


Excellent and solid keyboard. After the learning period, I no longer feel pain in my hands and wrists.

João B., X-Bows User


I don't get pains in my pinky fingers anymore.

Saketh G., X-Bows User


After just a week my elbow pain is gone.

Santiago M., X-Bows User


Typing is more comfortable than with regular keyboards.

Michał M., X-Bows User


I type faster than before.

Nedim F, X-Bows User


Hands down the Best keyboard I've ever used!

Dan, X-Bows User


X-Bows makes typing more comfortable. But why do keyboards need to change in the first place? Well, the keyboard design we’re all familiar with dates back over 100 years and is not optimized for ergonomics. The traditional keyboard design creates unnecessary joint tension and finger travel which can quickly lead to pain or even lasting injury.

X-Bows uses a unique Cross-Linear layout to promote more natural typing angles for your arms, wrists, and fingers. In other words, there’s a lot less tension on your joints so you can type faster, type for longer, and do it all more comfortably. Stop risking your health and comfort. Make the switch to X-Bows and level up your typing.  

  • Cross-Linear layout promotes healthy hand positioning
  • Convenient function key positioning limits finger travel
  • Premium mechanical switches and keycaps for enjoyable typing
  • One-Piece aluminum alloy body construction
  • 100 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free Global Shipping 1-Year Limited Warranty

Typing Reinvented

X-Bows was designed by a medical doctor to address all of the ergonomic problems present on traditional keyboards. Our keyboard was designed with comfort as priority #1.

Our Guarantees

  • Hot-swappable Switches

  • Spill and Dust Proof

  • Sculpted Keycaps

  • Detachable USB-Cable


Fully Customizable Layout

Unlimited customization options with our intuitive software

Limited Learning Curve

Most users report being comfortable with the new key layout after just a few hours

Built to Last

Premium materials that feel great to type on

X-Bows vs Standard Keyboard Layouts

Natural Wrist Angles

The angles of our Cross-Linear layout promote a natural, comfortable wrist angle

Bent wrists

Traditional keyboard layouts require you to bend your wrists, creating a significant pressure point.

Limited Finger Travel

X-Bows shifts often-used function keys to the index finger and thumb, away from the relatively weaker pinky finger.

Fatiguing Finger Travel

Traditional layouts require fatiguing wrist movements and put more stress on the pinky than on stronger fingers.

Natural Finger Travel

Typing responsibility is equally distributed between your fingers, resulting in less typing fatigue

Asymmetric Finger Travel

Unusual key angles lead to horizontal wrist movements and finger stress

Used By 10,000+ Users Including Professionals At:

Technical Specs:

  • Dimensions: 345mm x 137mm x 30mm

  • 32-bit Master MCU + 8M Onboard Storage

  • N-Key Rollover (NKRO)Programmable Driver

  • Customizable LED Backlighting (16.8 million color options)

  • AL-Mg GR20 Solid Aluminum Alloy Panel

  • Gateron Switches (operating life of 50 million actuations)
  • X-BOWS knight COMES WITH:

  • Keycap and key switch puller

  • USB-A to USB-C cord

  • 2 rubber feet

  • Instruction booklet

  • Not sure which switches are right for you?

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 215 reviews
    Christoph K.
    The X-Bows is an awesome Keyboard!

    I found the X-Bows in a keyboard-review.
    After looking at the details, I understood that it is an awesome keyboard.
    The "drifting apart"-columns are a great idea and very nice.
    They drift apart in the perfect angel, like my fingers do, when I spread them.

    But there is a little mistake to it. This apart drifting is ok for the columns with the number keys 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7, 8, 9, 0 in it, but not for the columns with the number keys 5 and 6. The column with the number key 5 should go parallel to and be as close as possible to the column with the number key 4.
    The same goes for the column with the number key 6 to the column with the number key 7.

    So I would like to see that changed in a revision of the board, some day in the future.

    It took me a while to get used to this column arrangement but now, I am back to above 300 apm, with 10-finger-blind-typing.

    Another great thing is, that the keyboard is fully programmable.
    I programmed 4 layers into it.

    1. Layer is the standard "QUERT-Layer" with some tweaks, if some other person then me want to type something at the PC.

    2. Layer is a "Non-QUERT-Layer". That is the layer that I use for typing.
    It is called "ADNW". It is an computer optimized layout for German and English, that I also tweaked a little bit more to the German language.
    It was created by the developer/s from

    3. In the third layout I programmed a number pad to the keys of the right hand.
    That means, to all the keys around the "K". K is = 5
    By hitting the "Funktion-Key" and "H" (

    James Truesdale
    Workin' On It

    I received my keyboard a few weeks ago. No issues with the packaging, a couple of keys were swapped but it was easy to swap them back. I wasn't sure which key switches to go with but I decided to go with the browns which turned out to be a good choice for me. I've been using the keyboard ever since I received it to get used to the key placement, I've been making progress.

    Stephen Sabo
    Excellent Quality, Easy to transition, Doesn't replace bad habits

    I can not stress the quality of this keyboard, it's superbly constructed. The magnetic number pad is quite amazing, although I wish the carrying case that came with it allowed me to take that as well. I was concerned about transitioning to a new key position, but it was unwarranted. Very short learning curve. In fact if anything I would say it's now harder for me to use a traditional keyboard than it is the X-Bows. I would stress though that it does not replace bad habits. It makes it easier to get away from them, but if you're like me, I still get some fatigue because old habits die hard! Great purchase, love the thumb shift key when I remember to use it!

    Steven Kramer
    Loving it

    So far I’m really liking the board. Switches are great, lighting options and feel are spot on. Still trying the hang of the key alignment but it is way nicer to type on and very noticeable when I go to a regular layout.

    Yurii Litoshenko
    Takes a bit of time to get used to

    As a programmer with lots of years of typing on QWERTY I tried to switch to DVORAK some time ago on another keyboard but after a few weeks it was apparent that sequence of finger presses are hard to relearn/alter. So I decided to continue with QWERTY but on X-Bows Nature to have a change in pattern of repetitive strain on my wrists.

    It took about a month of everyday use to get used to different layout. I used QMK site to alter firmware and remap some keys:
    1. Switch places for PrtSc and Del;
    2. Home instead of right Shift, End instead of right Ctrl;
    3. Spaces went to center Ctrl and Shift;
    4. Shifts went to Spaces (so I can type uppper letters holding Shifts with my thumbs);
    5. Right Alt became Ctrl (to avoid accidental activation of menu of windows and switching focus out of edit fields).

    What I would change?
    1. Add Home and End buttons above Left and Right Arrows (programmers use those all the time).
    2. Maybe made central Backspace taller to span between T-Y-G-H but I'm not sure about that..