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X-Bows Wrist Rest

X-Bows Wrist Rest

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Best wrist rest in the market!

"This product is great. Rubber material, so your wrist will be comfortable. Smells nice, fits perfectly on a 10 key-less keyboard but you can also use it on a full size keyboard, it's that big. I use it with my K70 full size keyboard. It is heavy so it won't easily slide on your table." - Sibusiso, X-Bows user



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Our premium silicone wrist rest is a great addition to improve your typing position.  A wrist rest is an important part of the full ergonomic experience.

Our X-Bows wrist rest was designed to elevate your palms off the desktop for increased comfort and improved typing efficiency.  This further reduces the bending of the wrist (extension) and relieves pressure on tendons.

Made from soft, durable silicone, our wrist rest has possibly the longest working life you could find.

Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth Curr
Just excellent.

Top quality and made for the X-bows. I'm so glad I didn't rush to a local store and ordered this.

Jakub Kana

X-Bows Wrist Rest

Chris Keschnat


X-Bows Knight Review (bought x2 of those already)

X-Bows is an Excellent keyboard, solved a few pains I've had when typing over time.
The layout takes a few days to get used to but after that - typing speed and comfort drastically increased.

I've ordered already x2 keyboards (X-Bows Knights, Brown Gateron Switches) for home and work usage, very satisfied from them both.
The 1 year old keyboard is missing lights on 3 keys, probably a glitch but I've enjoyed the keyboard so much so it didn't really bother me.

The wrist rest in my opinion is a must have for every keyboard purchase since there is a need to elevate the hands while typing, the keyboard is quite high due to it's metal base so fingers must be aligned on the same height of the keys - I've bought x2 of those wrist rests for home and work as well, they are sturdy and comfortable.

Using the QMK Toolbox application is an amazing companion for that keyboard, it supports higher levels of customization, specially for the centered keys which made me very productive.

All in all this is an excellent keyboard and I'll recommend it to anyone who types a lot and/or suffers from hands pains/discomfort.

James P
Very well build keyboard.

Excellent build and craftsmanship. The layout is a refreshing improvement over typical keyboards. The center keys are reached with comfort and the "lowered keys" in the "pinky" column do reduce the need to stretch and move your hand to hit the 1 and 0 keys.

My only nit is that the keys to the right of the 'P' key are relatively far away from where your hands rest as compared to a regular keyboard. But this comes from the fact that the 'P' column is aligned so that your pinky only moves up and down. This pushes the '\|' key further to the right compared to where your hands are on a regular keyboard. I used the QMK programmability of the keyboard to remap things to my liking so that I'm not reaching out to the right in any event.