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X-Bows Knight Plus Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard with Detachable Number Pad (QMK Firmware)

X-Bows Knight Plus Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard with Detachable Number Pad (QMK Firmware)

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  • X-Bows ergonomic layout
  • Split numpad
  • RGB backlit
  • QMK support
  • Windows/Linuc/Mac compatible
  • Hot-

Customer Reviews

Based on 316 reviews

I purchased X-Bows Lite very satisfied. As my new hobby, I rewriting books to learn better English. Plus macro feature that you may configure to your liking. There is no comeback to the old layout keyboard.

Adam Bryant
Takes some getting used to, but loving this keyboard!

I have used a "standard" layout keyboard for over 40 years, so this layout takes some getting used to, but I am getting used to it surprisingly quickly. The layout is great and definitely reduces excess reach for keys. The silent red keys feel wonderful and are quiet enough for work. I have also remapped several keys using the QMK Configurator website and the QMK Toolkit. It is comfortable and customizable and I really like it!

Jakub S
The great keyboard

The layout of the keys makes typing comfortable and painless, although it takes time to get used to. The workmanship is very solid; the only fault is that one key is a bit louder than the others, which can be fixed by swapping it with some f-key. The wide very customization options are amazing. I consider the purchase very successful.

Omar Sanhaji
Awesome Product and Awesome Support

Got a very well built keyboard, and the support on discord helped me set it up and fix some issues.

Quentin Potié
Nice !

I'm not yet used to my new keyboard but I can say that it's high quality ! And the platic pad as well. (Lite)

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  • Full Split

  • Stepless Tilt Adjustment

  • Aluminium/Acrylic Body

  • Wireless & Wired

  • Programmable

  • Gamer-friendly

  • Hot-swappable

  • RGB Backlit