Gateron Optical Switches (110 pc) - X-Bows Store
Gateron Optical Switches (110 pc) - X-Bows Store
Gateron Optical Switches (110 pc) - X-Bows Store
Gateron Optical Switches (110 pc) - X-Bows Store
Gateron Optical Switches (110 pc) - X-Bows Store
Gateron Optical Switches (110 pc) - X-Bows Store

Gateron Optical Switches (110 pc)

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Smooth, clicky, tactile - however you like your switches, we’ve got you covered. Sold in packs of 110 pieces.

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Rated lifespan of 100 million cycles
  • Fully SMD-LED Compatible
  • (+) Stem is compatible with most keycaps
  • No soldering required for assembly

 Gateron Optical Switches



Gateron Optical Blue

Gateron blue switches have a tactile and auditory click when you press them. These are the loudest switches that we have available. Gateron Blue switches have a 55 gf actuation force.

Gateron Optical Brown

Gateron Brown switches have a tactile bump but don’t have the auditory click that Blues have. These have historically been the best selling switches for X-Bows. Gateron Browns have a 55gf actuation force.

Gateron Optical Red

Gateron Red switches are quiet with a linear feel. Gateron Reds have an 45gf actuation force. These are a great middle-of-the-road switch that is popular with a broad audience.

Gateron Optical Black

Gateron Black switches are linear, like reds, but have a heavier 60gf actuation force. Black switches are a good option for heavy typists who tend to bottom out their keystrokes often. 

Gateron Optical Silver

Gateron Silver Speed Switches are linear with a 45gf actuation force. Their actuation point is 1.1mm, much higher than other switches. This makes them perfect for gaming when you need fast reaction times. 

Gateron Optical Yellow

Gateron Yellow Speed Switches, like Silvers, are also linear. Yellows are the lightest switch that we offer with a 35gf actuation force and a 1.1mm actuation point.  Gateron Yellow switches are the fastest Gateron optical switches available. 

Gateron Silent Optical Switches

Looking for a way to make your mechanical keyboard quieter? Gateron Silent Optical Switches have a nearly identical feel to their louder counterparts but have been designed to minimize the sound of bottoming out a downstroke and of the stem on the upstroke while typing. These are a great option if you work in a quiet office or live with people who don't like the sound of constant key chatter.   


What are optical switches?

Optical switches communicate keystrokes through an infrared signal, instead of through metallic contact the way that traditional switches mechanical do. Many of the internal parts are the same and the typing feel is very similar between optical and traditional mechanical switches. 

Why are optical switches better than traditional mechanical switches?

Gateron optical switches have an estimated lifespan of 100 million actuations, which is twice as long as the lifespan of an ordinary Gateron or Cherry MX mechanical switch. Ordinary switches have a lot of moving parts that are prone to oxidation and wear. Optical switches eliminate these concerns. 

Hot-swappable switches

All Gateron optical switches are hot-swappable. This means that they can be removed and replaced, without any wiring or electrical work required. On an optical switch keyboard, optical switches simply connect to the PCB beneath them. This allows you to test out different optical switches to find which best suits you. Some users even choose to use different switches for different parts of the keyboard.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Great Switches

Arrived fast and feel great.


Gateron Optical Switches (110 pc)

Great for the price

Amazing results


I thought thought they were overexaggerating when they said they were light. I had to put my clicky switches back on certain keys to
stop accidental keypresses. My keyboard is perfect now and it's probably saved me a couple of hundred dollars by not seeking out
a "faster" board.

A bit scratchy before lubing, but after is a very enjoyable experience.

With the shipping, I found no issues. All of my keys came in great condition and they worked when putting them in my hotswappable pcb. One thing to consider is that these keys are OPTICAL switches, therefore they DON'T WORK IN MECHANICAL pcbs. If you want mechanical keys, the gateron yellows are pretty much identical to these gateron optical yellows. After lubing these keys, I felt that they were very comfortable and smooth.