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X-Bows® Knight Plus Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard with Detachable Number Pad (QMK Firmware)-PRE-ORDER IV

$269.00 $310.00

  • X-Bows ergonomic layout
  • Split Numpad
  • RGB backlit
  • QMK /VIA/VIAL support
  • Windows/Linux/Mac compatible
  • One Piece Aluminum Frame
  • Main Keyboard 960g Numpad 280g
  • Gateron Mechanical Switch
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Versatility That Adapts to You

The Knight Plus isn't just a keyboard; it's a dynamic workspace solution. Its magnetic numpad can be attached for those heavy data entry days or detached for more desk space, making it perfectly adaptable to your workflow. Whether you're crunching numbers or sketching out your next big idea, the Knight Plus morphs to meet your needs.

Natural wrist angle when use X-Bows ergonomic mechanical keyboard
Traditional keyboard layout requires you to bend your wrists, creating a significant pressure point.

Built to Last, Designed to Impress

Crafted from a single piece of aluminum alloy, the Knight Plus offers a sleek look without sacrificing durability. It's sturdy, yet lightweight enough to be portable for those who like to switch their setup or work on the go. Its robust construction ensures it can take a beating and keep on typing, matching the pace of your busiest days.

Reliability You Can Count On

Every designer knows the frustration of lost work due to unreliable equipment. That's why the Knight Plus comes with a wired connection, offering the stable, lag-free response you need when precision is key. Say goodbye to dropped connections and hello to uninterrupted creativity.

Customization at Its Core

With VIA and VIAL compatibility, the Knight Plus turns from a keyboard into your keyboard. Customize every key and macro to fit your workflow, making your tools as unique as your designs. It’s designed to evolve with you, accommodating your changing needs and preferences without skipping a beat.

Aesthetic That Inspires

Set in a designer's studio, the Knight Plus is more than just an input device; it's a piece of your creative puzzle. Its cool grey and blue tones, combined with the metallic finish, don't just blend into your workspace—they enhance it, making every keystroke a reminder of your commitment to excellence and innovation.

Why Knight Plus? Because It Understands You

Choosing the Knight Plus means investing in a keyboard that gets the job. It's not about flashy features or gimmicks; it's about providing a reliable, comfortable, and customizable typing experience that enhances your creative process. With its ergonomic design, robust build, and adaptable features, the Knight Plus is here to be the silent partner in your creative victories.

In a world where design meets functionality, the Knight Plus stands tall as the ultimate tool for those who don't just create but inspire.

Here's Why They Love us

"Naturally, the wrist kind of wants to go this way. So, these keys are meant to follow your fingers."

-Unbox Therapy

See What's Inside the Box

1x X-Bows Keyboard
1x User Manual
1x Detachable USB Cable
1x Keycap Puller
1x Spare Keycaps
1x Accessory Pouch
1x Quick Start Guide

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