About Us


X-Bows founder, Dr. Sigo Wang, is a medical doctor, specialized in medical imaging. In his practice, Dr. Wang was seeing a similar injury over and over again. Office workers, writers, and programmers were repeatedly coming to him complaining of pain, weakness and fatigue in their hands, wrists, forearms and shoulders. These are the easily identifiable symptoms of RSI- repetitive strain injury, caused by stress on joints from typing for prolonged hours on a standard keyboard. Dr. Wang sought to find a preventative solution for his patients. 

Over many months of determining the medical strengths and weaknesses of other ergonomic keyboards both past and present, Dr. Wang began to form his own opinion about the ideal design for a computer keyboard. The problem with ordinary keyboards was obvious to Dr. Wang - they weren’t designed to conform to the natural structure of people’s hands. The problem with the ergonomic keyboards currently on the market was simply that people were not using them. Dr. Wang recognized that the main deterrent of most ergonomic keyboards was the steep learning curve; most workers did not have the free time to spend weeks or months learning how to type on a new, often radically different keyboard layout. 

Chris is based in British Columbia, Canada. He joined the X-Bows team in 2017 to help with marketing for the initial Kickstarter campaign. He rejoined the team in 2020 to lead all marketing and operations for our online store. He is passionate about spreading the word about X-Bows, creating happy customers, and working to grow the company. 

For more information, please contact: support@x-bows.com