Free Shipping Over $60 for Keyboards and Accessories

60-day Guarantee with Complimentary Exchanges and Returns

What is X-Bows 60-day Free Trial?

Though tested by hundreds of our customers, the X-Bows innovative design is relevant new and we'd love to offer the opportunity for you to purchase and test our products with a 60-day free return / refund process.

Watch our recent interview with customer Glenn Steward who has been using X-Bows for 2 years: 

Your return process is seamless through the portal here if after testing you find our product not helpful. Remember, we encourage you to give your body 6-8 weeks to adjust to an X-Bows ergonomic keyboard before you decide this is not for you.

Many people see improved wrists health in 4 weeks but some see it between 6-8 weeks.