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Gateron Switches
Gateron Switches
Gateron Switches
Gateron Switches
Gateron Switches
Gateron Switches
Gateron Switches
Gateron Switches
Gateron Switches
Gateron Switches

Gateron Switches

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Smooth, clicky, tactile - any way that you like your switches, we’ve got you covered. Sold in packs of 110 pieces.

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Rated lifespan of 50 million cycles
  • Fully SMD-LED Compatible
  • (+) Stem is compatible with most keycaps
  • No soldering required for assembly

Gateron 3-Pin switches are compatible with 2021 X-Bows keyboards

 Gateron Switches




Gateron Blue Switches

Gateron blue switches have a tactile and auditory click when you press them. These are the loudest switches that Gateron produces. Gateron Blue switches have a 55 gf actuation force.

Gateron Brown Switches

Gateron Brown switches have a tactile bump but don’t have the auditory click that Blues have. These have historically been the best selling switches for X-Bows. Gateron Browns have a 55gf actuation force.

Gateron Red Switches

Gateron Red switches are quiet with a linear feel. Gateron Reds have an 45gf actuation force. These are a great middle-of-the-road switch that is popular with a broad audience.

Gateron Black Switches

Gateron Black switches are linear, like reds, but have a heavier 60gf actuation force. Black switches are a good option for heavy typists who tend to bottom out their keystrokes often. 

Gateron Yellow Switches

Gateron Yellow Speed Switches are linear. Yellows are the lightest switch that we offer with a 35gf actuation force and a 1.1mm actuation point.  Gateron Yellow switches are the fastest Gateron switches available. 


What are hot-swappable switches?

Gateron switches are hot-swappable. This means that they can be removed and replaced, without any wiring, soldering, or electrical work required. On a compatible keyboard, Gateron switches simply connect to the PCB beneath them. This allows you to test out different switches to find which best suits you. Some users even choose to use different switches for different parts of the keyboard.


How long do Gateron switches last?

Gateron mechanical switches are designed to last the life of your keyboard. They are rated for 50 million actuations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Puran Bhungal
Great Switches

Order came on time and the switches were functional without bent pins. Personally though I discovered these switches to be too heavy and have since swapped them for yellows.

femboy aliens

The switches came in around a month, which i expected after getting stuff from xbows and that was good, no switches were damaged and the price was great, the gatron blacks feel and sound great, i was about to swap the springs from the blacks into silent brown switches so i have a more tactile and quiet type typing and playing games

Tom Troczynski
Fantastic Keyboard!

Got used to the layout within 3 weeks i think. Im also in school, and had a few papers to write so i got the keystrokes in i needed to get comfortable. As with the standard layout, there are hard to reach keys. Having made the Xbows keyboard my workhorse, coming from the standard layout i cant really find any complaints. I would make the driver/layer fiasco for a newbie a little easier to deal with. The hotkeys for lighting was not easy to find, and i didnt find it through Xbows documentation or on their site.
Aside from that....i LOVE the center enter key and backspace. I LOVE the center shift key and the orthogonal layout feels so much nicer.
As a future software developer, and current student that writes a lot of code...i really wish there was a slightly more convenient place for the colon and square brackets. Though....i suppose thats one of the reasons this keyboard can be mapped however you want! and then one just has to swap the key caps.

Thanks for quick delivery.

Delivery was very quick. Qty exact 120 units. Thanks!

Arron Gibson
works as described

the silent reds are much quieter.