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Dvorak Keycaps Set
Dvorak Keycaps Set
Dvorak Keycaps Set

Dvorak Keycaps Set

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Dvorak Keycaps Set



Ready to take your ergonomics to the next level? Dvorak is a keyboard layout designed for efficiency. Once you've retrained your muscle memory, you'll never want to go back to Qwerty again.
 This is a full set of replacement keycaps for X-Bows. 



  • Highly durable laser engraved ABS keycaps
  • Transparent key labels
  • Cherry-style keycap stems



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Dvorak Keycaps Set

Jared Strohschein
Perfect Addition to The Best Keyboard I’ve Ever Owned

There are a lot of knock-off flimsy keyboards out there and lets b e honest, you get what you pay for. The X-Bows keyboard is by far and away the best keyboard I’ve ever owned. Also, it’s rare to find companies that provide Dvorak caps (only other one I’ve heard of is Kinesis). The caps themselves have a slightly different texture to them then the stock QWERTY keys, but nothing really too noticeable or game changing.

Whitney Marshall

Last time I submitted feedback to X-Bows, I said that I loved my keyboard and that the only things I wanted to change about it were proper Dvorak keycaps, and to make them translucent so the lights show through better. Lo and behold, they offered exactly that in this set of keycaps! Now I don't have any complaints at all! I love the keyboard, and I can tell that it's causing less strain on my fingers and wrists. I can type for much longer than I used to, with a fraction of the discomfort.

yuki kawasumi


Peter Murotake
Dvorak swap keys

Thank you for a Dvorak option. Overall I like it but I didn’t like the quality of the replaced Dvorak keys as compared to the original ones. They were a lighter and seemed smaller quality print