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"Comparing it to its potential ‘rivals’ at Kinesis for instance, it holds up extremely well and targets a different area of that market segment, adding a little more style to the ergonomic sector." 


"Although the X-Bows is not designed with gaming in mind per se, anyone who has RSI issues and wants to pwn some n00bs alongside their office work will certainly find this keyboard up to the task."

X-Bows Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard, Hands On by Seth Colaner at Tom's Hardware - 14/9/2017


"The X-Bow is an exciting and cool product. As someone who does a lot of typing and could definitely benefit from going ergonomic but doesn’t want to give up the perks that a gaming keyboard offers, it’s an appealing combination here."


"For people who experience strain in their forearms or wrists though, this is definitely worth checking out. This is also a good stepping stone for users who want to painlessly transition to a full-on ergonomic layout."


"Typing on a standard keyboard doesn't put your hands into a natural position. Ergonomic keyboards aim to fix that for typists by changing the shape of the keyboard in ways that reduce strain on the hands and wrist. Problem is that ergonomic keyboards aren't an easy transition for those that have spent countless years with a traditional layout. This is what the new X-Bows mechanical keyboard aims to address."


"My initial reaction to this keyboard was the unique design and amazing build quality. I have used many split keyboards in the past, yet I can confidently say this one stands out in terms of look and feel."

X-Bows Keyboards: A Review by Johnny Nguyen at Medium - 12/9/2017


"I consider X-bows keyboard to be one of the top 4 best ergonomic keyboards available."


"Since I started using the X-Bows in place of my regular keyboards, I’ve experienced less shoulder strain and general arm soreness.Typing for long periods is easier and less strenuous."

X-Bows Ergonomic Keyboard Review: Strange Shape, Great Typing by Mike Fahey at Kotaku - 26/10/2017


"The X-Bows is a comfortable keyboard that has a lot of potential, and it had a positive impact on our hand position and typing fundamentals."


"Stay comfortable while you click away at your desk with the X-Bows Mechanical Ergonomic Keyboard."

X-Bows Mechanical Ergonomic Keyboard by Mark Myerson at Gadget Flow - 13/9/2017


"Even though the keyboard feels light and empty, it exhibits very minimal flex. They did a very good job with the case design and manufacturing."
XBOWS by Brannan at KBWarriors


"The X-Bows has most of the features of a modern mechanical keyboard: customizable keycaps, Gateron switches, individual key backlighting, anti-ghosting, etc. Plus, it has an ergonomic key layout that’s designed to be beginner-friendly too."

X-Bows Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard - TheAwesomer


"All in all, the X-Bows keyboard was an interesting experience. We see and feel the goal they are trying to achieve with the layout, and appreciate the objective elements of the keyboard that almost all are very good under the stripe. Build quality, finish, touch, etcetera, here we also find it nice that a small club can put down a physical sign that many big manufacturers can learn from. Things like RGB are just fun fun, and actually also to be expected nowadays."  [Using Google Translate]


"X-Bows was designed to be an accessible way to improve keyboard ergonomics without requiring a significant investment of time from users to adjust to."

X-Bows brings re-designed ergonomics to mechanical keyboards by Jason Bouwmeester at Techaeris - 17/9/2017


"I recommend this keyboard for its ergonomics, compactness, and value pricing. Without a doubt, you are going to have a keyboard that is bound to attract attention wherever you use it."