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Gateron Optical Black

Sounds and works great on my silver X-Bows Knight Plus :)

No other keyboard with the same characteristics exists

It is easy to carry and is perfectly symmetrical except for the right side of the keyboard.
(It is very wonderful that the tabs, etc. are 1u size)

Ever since I started using the X-Bow Nature Keyboard, all of the pain in my wrists have disappeared

X-Bows Lite Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

Awesome keyboard.

Buying my second keyboard from xbows.
I bought the Xbows Nature keyboard years ago and I bought another xbows keyboard now (1 for work & 1 for home) because I like it soo much.
if I can suggest some improvements:
the keyboard software can be improved, eg have more keyboard layouts like Colemak-DHm.
the letters on the keys can be bigger.

BEST keybord

This keyboard is the most wonderful I have ever used. I had to learn the keys at first, but eventually noticed that my wrist was no longer strained.
I plan to repeat my purchase for my workplace.

Well Made Wireless Keyboard

This Xbow Keyboard is pretty good. The keys are solid, and I am a fan of the ergonomic layout. The case is great to use for traveling. Also its light and thin, so its not a problem to bring anywhere so far. The mouse pad isn't that important for me since I use a seperate wireless mouse but it works as expected.

Overall I would recommend this to people interested in getting an ergonomic or wireless keyboard.

X-Bows Nature Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard (QMK Firmware)

Just as described!

Purchased these to replace the stock switches on my mechanical keyboard and they work just as expected and similar to my other keyboards with Gateron Browns. Price was great too!!!

Gathering brown switch, fast shipping

Switched arrived quickly and in envelope

X-Bows Wrist Rest
John McLmb
Great investment

It took me a few weeks to adapt to the keyboard, but it was well worth the effort. I type all day, so a quality ergonomic keyboard is important. I’m a lifetime X-Bow customer now.

Excelent keyboard

That's a wonderful keyboard. I can type very fast with it. I tried to use ZSA Moonlander I but I couldn't adapt as I adapted to this keyboard. I got the first Nature from Kickstarter and recently I bought the updated version with QMK.

X-Bows Wrist Rest
Chris Stafford
Best keyboard I've ever used

I am in love with this keyboard. I take it to the office when I go there, because any other keyboard is pitiful. My only complaint is that I chose the Mac layout, which means there is no delete key, just multiple backspace keys. I know it's configurable, but it's a bit of effort to get the software up and running.
Oh one other issue - not complaint - I often hit Enter instead of the letter B. That's the only problem I still have after about a month of using it.
The magnetic numberpad is outstanding. The whole setup feels great, very solid, and I love the metallic casing.
I have no intention of ever buying another keyboard - this is just about perfect.

Great keyboard

Takes a few days to get used to the layout, but once there, it's great.
Support for QMK is also a must, so you can swap some keys to better suit your language and workflows.

Lovely stuff

Obviously takes some time to get used to, but worth the effort. Hard work is moved almost entirely to the thumbs and forefingers, and positioning for the little finger is also very useful. Very happy with purchase.

Amazing keyboard

I took around one week to get used to the new keyboard and then felt that my typing work had been significantly improved. I could keep my wrists in natural and comfortable positions, and meanwhile work with a mechanical keyboard. Truly an amazing product!

Great switch

Great set of switch. No issues

Great quality keyboard for the price. Switches and keycaps feel great. I like the ergonomics of it. It's a little tough getting used to the different layout, but that's the same with any ergonomic keyboard, just gotta put the time in with it.

Epic, Noice

Got them brown optical switches and lubed them bad boys



X-Bows Lite Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

Gateron Switches
Puran Bhungal
Great Switches

Order came on time and the switches were functional without bent pins. Personally though I discovered these switches to be too heavy and have since swapped them for yellows.

X-Bows Wrist Rest
Daniel Coulthard
Simply Solid.

Had it for a few weeks now and I can't fault it. Solid design and doesn't move around while I am typing.

Give it time. It's worth it.

Definitely an odd layout to begin with but give it a few weeks to get used to and I can see any dedicated typist enjoying the layout.