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Collection: X-Bows Knight Collection

Our premium Knight ergonomic mechanical keyboards are made from a one-piece aluminum body. This gives them substantial weight and a premium feel.

Is X-Bows compatible with MacOS and Linux?

Yes, all X-Bows keyboards will work with all of Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Right now, our driver software is only compatible with Windows. Our driver software is used for key remapping, setting custom macros, custom lighting effects, and layers.

All driver settings are stored onto the keyboard, so users can set them on a Windows PC, then use their custom settings on a Mac or Linux machine. We have plans to launch Mac and Linux compatible drivers in the near future.

What’s The Difference Between Knight and Nature?

Knight has a one-piece aluminum body. Nature’s body is ABS plastic with an aluminum top plate. While both models have good rigidity and are satisfying to type on, Knight is significantly heavier and feels more premium.