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X-Bows Lite Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard
X-Bows Lite Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard
X-Bows Lite Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard
X-Bows Lite Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard
X-Bows Lite Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard
X-Bows Lite Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard
X-Bows Lite Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard
X-Bows Lite Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard
X-Bows Lite Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard
X-Bows Lite Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard
X-Bows Lite Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

X-Bows Lite Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

The X-Bows ergonomic layout is designed to make typing more comfortable. It naturally improves typing posture by aligning your joints and reducing finger travel. These improvements allow you to get more done and feel less discomfort throughout your work day.

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Natural Ergonomics That Make Typing More Comfortable

X-Bows patented ergonomic layout positions your shoulder, arms, and wrists at a more natural alignment while typing. You'll immediately notice that you're able to type without any discomfort - allowing you to be more productive.


Real Reviews of X-bows keyboards


The X-bow keyboard, due to its ergonomic design, allows me to type without pain. I can go for hours.

John R., X-Bows User


I am typing faster and more comfortably than ever!

L. H., X-Bows User


The layout is well-thought out, and it didn't take long to get used to typing on this keyboard.

Tyler S., X-Bows User


Excellent and solid keyboard. After the learning period, I no longer feel pain in my hands and wrists.

João B., X-Bows User


I don't get pains in my pinky fingers anymore.

Saketh G., X-Bows User


After just a week my elbow pain is gone.

Santiago M., X-Bows User


Typing is more comfortable than with regular keyboards.

Michał M., X-Bows User


I type faster than before.

Nedim F, X-Bows User


Hands down the Best keyboard I've ever used!

Dan, X-Bows User

X-Bows vs Standard Keyboard Layouts

Natural Wrist Angles

The angles of our Cross-Linear layout promote a natural, comfortable wrist angle

Bent wrists

Traditional keyboard layouts require you to bend your wrists, creating a significant pressure point.

Limited Finger Travel

X-Bows shifts often-used function keys to the index finger and thumb, away from the relatively weaker pinky finger.

Fatiguing Finger Travel

Traditional layouts require fatiguing wrist movements and put more stress on the pinky than on stronger fingers.

Natural Finger Travel

Typing responsibility is equally distributed between your fingers, resulting in less typing fatigue

Asymmetric Finger Travel

Unusual key angles lead to horizontal wrist movements and finger stress

Our Guarantees

  • 100-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

  • 1-Year Warranty

  • Free Shipping

  • Hassle Free Returns

Tactile Feedback With Every Keystroke

Unlike other ergonomic keyboards, X-Bows uses premium Gateron Brown mechanical switches. Tactile feedback gives you improved control over your typing and it's way more fun!

Transparent Label ABS Keycaps

Working at night? X-Bows uses shine-through label keycaps to light-up your typing. The key labels with never wear off or fade away.

Detachable USB-C Cable

Modularity is the secret to a long-lasting keyboard. You can replace the USB-C and keycaps to extend the life of your keyboard if there are ever any minor accidents.

Best-In-Class Build Quality

Backed by a 1 year full warranty, X-Bows keyboards use premium plastics and aluminums. As many reviewers have said: "It feels very sturdy".

Used By 10,000+ Users Including Professionals At:

Easy To Use Software

Set Macros and Shortcuts

Increase your working efficiency by creating your favorite shortcuts and macros.

Key Remapping

Adjust your key layout to suit your needs. All keys can be remapped to other inputs or functions.

Backlighing Brightness and Effects

Change the brightness or movement effects of the white LED backlighting.

Comfortable Within a Week

There is some learning period required to get used to the X-Bows layout. You need to unlearn bad typing habits and retrain some muscle memory.

Most of our users report being back to their original typing speed within one week. They rave about their new found typing comfort after getting adjusted to the layout.

Premium Specs

  • Dimensions: 345mm x 137mm x 30mm

  • 32-bit Master MCU + 8M Onboard Storage

  • N-Key Rollover (NKRO)

  • White LED Backlighting

  • Solid Aluminum Alloy Base Plate
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 69 reviews
    Stephen Perry
    Lovely stuff

    Obviously takes some time to get used to, but worth the effort. Hard work is moved almost entirely to the thumbs and forefingers, and positioning for the little finger is also very useful. Very happy with purchase.

    Graydon Morel

    Great quality keyboard for the price. Switches and keycaps feel great. I like the ergonomics of it. It's a little tough getting used to the different layout, but that's the same with any ergonomic keyboard, just gotta put the time in with it.

    Khaalid McMillan

    X-Bows Lite Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

    Daniel Coulthard
    Give it time. It's worth it.

    Definitely an odd layout to begin with but give it a few weeks to get used to and I can see any dedicated typist enjoying the layout.

    Vitaly Mezhov

    First time of using keyboard I thought that it is really comfortable. Few weeks ago I forced to work without X-Bows keyboard. It was only that moment that I realized how convenient it is.