X-Bows for Gaming

X-Bows is a highly capable gaming keyboard.

Every X-Bows comes in your choice of Gateron mechanical switches that are tested to 50 million actuations.  With stylish RGB lighting, N-key rollover, onboard memory for key remapping and support for macros; X-Bows has the features and aesthetics of a tournament-worthy gaming keyboard.

For fans of first person shooters (FPS), there is a slight adjustment one should make for the best experience.  The typical WASD layout for movement should be remapped to ESDF.  This is due to the lowered QAZ column that relieves stress on our shorter pinky finger during everyday typing.  For FPS gaming however, a squarely aligned ESDF will provide a better experience.

X-Bows Mechanical Ergonomic Keyboard ESDF Gaming Capable Esports

What games have you played using X-Bows?  Let us know below!

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  • Hi Peter, that is very cool. Glad to know you are enjoying your X-Bows!

    • Team X-Bows
  • I’ve been playing COD BO4 and PUBG with my X-Bows. I didn’t think to shift right for the classic FPS moving shape, and what I did instead is use the “Q” key for strafe left instead of “A”.

    I feel like my left hand can rest on the keyboard at a more natural position, with my ring finger almost level with my middle finger, without losing any movement freedom. I am sort of new to the PC FPS world so it might have been easier to adopt since I have not been using the classic shape as much.

    Also, I love that I can jump with the left spacebar, but still have plenty of other buttons to use with my thumb! I have slide mapped to the Ctrl key to the right of the spacebar, and it feels so natural because it is a movement action like jump. There are also all of the other buttons that are “thumbable”, that you would have to use fingers that should be dedicated to movement with other keyboards.

    Just like with my daily typing as a computer programmer, this keyboard delivers on the promises of comfort and flexibility! Thank you!

    • Peter