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  • Hi everyone,

    Just to clarify, any X-Bows will work on all platforms Windows / Apple / Linux. You can also use the software on our software page to flash the firmware to your desired layout (including Apple).

    We are still working on the Mac OSX driver and will release once it is ready. Mac layout keycaps are currently not in mass production yet, so we don’t have many in stock. We will put them up on the webstore when we have built up the inventory for quick fulfillment of orders.

    Numpads are also in development, will take a bit more time.

    Thanks for all your support and patience!!

    Best regards,

    Team X-Bows

    X-Bows Team
  • i need numeric pad with your keyboard, may you included.

  • What is the procedure to order a Mac keyboard?

    Kybel Strong
  • That’s sounds good to me.
    But when is able to support Mac OS X?

    Jungshin Lee
  • On the Indiegogo campaign, you mention Apple friendly keycap replacements. On your new Webshop, I find only Windows-layout (no mentioning of Apple Keycaps included), and you are offering only Windows software/firmware.
    In the FAQs, I can’t find any OSX related question/answer.
    What’s the current status of the OSX support?

    Sam Dolin

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