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Notices For Upgrading Firmware

Many users have noticed that our website has been updated with the latest firmware and want to start updating the keyboard firmware.

Here are some notices for updating the keyboard firmware, please keep these points in mind to ensure a smooth firmware upgrade.

  • EXIT the driver software completely before upgrading.

Please make sure to close your driver completely before attempting a firmware upgrade. This includes the hidden red icon hidden in the bottom right near the date, or use task manager to close "CMS.exe" and "CMSEngine.exe".

  • Do not double-click any button on the update program.

Each button on the program needs to be clicked only once and then you just have to wait patiently for the program to do the upgrade automatically.

  • Do not interrupt the program when upgrading.

Whether it's our program or not, it's never a good idea to suddenly terminate a program while it's running. The program also takes some time to react, so please wait patiently after you click the right button.

  • Do not upgrade to the wrong firmware version.

Be careful to select the correct firmware version before upgrading. 

We provide two download links per firmware. Normally they are all the same but just from different network disks, but if something goes wrong, you can try another link.

If you need assistance when upgrading the keyboard firmware, please feel free to email us at for help.

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