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Gateron Optical Switch Guide – Pick the Right Switch

Faced with several colors of the switches, you may not know which one is best for you when getting an X-Bows. Hope this article helps when choosing the most suitable switches.

We use Gateron optical switches on our keyboards. Gateron is a relative newcomer to the mechanical switch game and the switches have a long lifetime. Expert reviews of Gateron switches are overwhelmingly positive.

Gateron optical switches have the same hand feel as the regular Gateron switches, so you don’t have to worry about the unfamiliar hand feel.

The metal structure of the optical switch does not participate in the signal control, so it has a longer service life, which is more than 100 million clicks; there is no pin connecting the circuit, so it is very easy and safe to plug in and out the switch.

Gateron Optical Switches Parameter

  • Blue – they have a tactile and auditory click when you press them. If you enjoy the clicky sound and the tactile feeling, blue switches will be a good idea for you. But if you are in a quiet workplace, it might not be a good choice.
  • Red/Silent Red they are quiet and with a linear feel when you press them. The actuation force of Red/Silent Red switches is low, only 45gf.
  • Brown/Silent Brown they offer a tactile bump when pressed but don't have the auditory click that blues have. They require a 55gf actuation force. For those who like the tactile feeling when pressing the keys but don't want it to be too loud, consider this option.
  • Black/Silent Black they are linear, like the reds, but they require a slightly heavier actuation force at 60gf. Suitable for people with strong fingers and think the red, silver and yellow switches are too light.
  • Silver/Silent Silver they are linear and require 45gf actuation force, same as the red ones. But the actuation travel is shorter, which is 1.1mm. Shorter actuation travel means that the keystrokes can be read more quickly by the keyboard.
  • Yellow/Silent Yellow they are linear and require only 35gf of the actuation force. And the actuation travel is 1.1mm, as same as the silver ones.


This guide is for reference only, the purpose is to help you better understand the switches we use so that you can choose the most suitable switches for yourself.

Usually, mechanical keyboards will still make a certain amount of noise. Some people think a certain switch is noisy, but some people think it's totally quiet and fine.

We suggest you go to a physical store and experience the sound of different color switches before purchase.


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