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X-Bows Blog

Notices For Upgrading Firmware

Many users have noticed that our website has been updated with the latest firmware and want to start updating the keyboard firmware.

Here are some notices for updating the keyboard firmware, please keep these points in mind to ensure a smooth firmware upgrade.

  • EXIT the driver software completely before upgrading.

Please make sure to close your driver completely before attempting a firmware upgrade. This includes the hidden red icon hidden in the bottom right near the date, or use task manager to close "CMS.exe" and "CMSEngine.exe".

  • Do not double-click any button on the update...

Gateron Optical Switch Guide – Pick the Right Switch

Faced with several colors of the switches, you may not know which one is best for you when getting an X-Bows. Hope this article helps when choosing the most suitable switches.

We use Gateron optical switches on our keyboards. Gateron is a relative newcomer to the mechanical switch game and the switches have a long lifetime. Expert reviews of Gateron switches are overwhelmingly positive.

Gateron optical switches have the same hand feel as the regular Gateron switches, so you don’t have to worry about the unfamiliar hand feel.

The metal structure of the optical switch does not participate in the signal control,...

Why you need an ergonomic keyboard?

Why you need an ergonomic keyboard?

If you spend your workdays in front of a computer, you have likely felt some discomfort after a long day of typing. While spending less time on our computers would be the ideal remedy for this problem, that is not a realistic solution for most people.

The traditional staggered QWERTY layout was not designed to be comfortable. The traditional keyboard layout causes our wrists to flex inwards at an unnatural angle while we type. With over-exposure, this wrist angling very often leads to discomfort or injury, for example, CTS (carpal...

X-Bows pro assembly process demonstration

Hello everyone,

For some of you who would like to know more about X-Bows, we've recorded an assembly video. Check it out!

Introduction of knight series keyboard

Hello everyone,

Many of you are curious about the Knight keyboards, so we are here to explain them to you to help you understand them better. 

Knight and Knight Plus are versions of our new design.

Compared to the old version, Knight series will have significant improvements, such as pluggable PCBA, swappable switches, aluminum alloy bottom shell, detachable silicone stands, and standard USB port, etc. And the magnetic numpad of Knight Plus can be attached to the left or right side of the main board using magnetic connectors.

In detail, Knight series keyboard will have those following features.