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"I can't go back to a normal keyboard after trying my X-Bow ergonomic keyboard! This is the best find. My wrists feel great when I type" - many X-Bows users

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X-Bows Knight Plus Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard with Detachable Number Pad (QMK Firmware) - X-Bows Store

Truly Ergonomic

A good ergonomic keyboard layout should be designed based on the natural movement of our hands and fingers.

Easy to remember. Easy to learn.

Empowering Typing, Enhancing Health

Driven by a mission to combat typing-related health issues, our ergonomic keyboards redefine the way you interact with your digital world. With roots in medical research, celebrated design, and a thriving community, X-Bows is not just a keyboard; it's a commitment to a healthier, more comfortable digital life.



Ergonomic typing is all about configuring your work station to suit you. Increase your comfort and productivity by adding a wrist rest.


X-Bows keycaps are highly durable, but sometimes, you want to change your layout. 


Our swappable switches can be removed and replaced, without any wiring or electrical work required.